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STEM MAD for Educators

Why participate?

This national competition encourages project-based learning that tackles real-world challenges, aligning perfectly with the Catholic call for care for creation and social justice. Participating allows teachers to guide students in applying STEM concepts to make a positive impact, fostering both academic growth and a sense of purpose. STEM MAD National provides valuable resources like workshops and guest speakers, while the competition itself can motivate students and showcase their achievements on a national stage. It's a chance to be part of a dynamic learning community and inspire the next generation of Catholic STEM leaders.

What's involved?

Teachers will play a pivotal role in helping students choose a real-world problem that aligns with Catholic values and sparking their creativity in crafting solutions. This may involve mentoring them through research, design thinking, and potentially prototype development. 


Teachers can also provide feedback on the 2.5-minute video presentation, ensuring it clearly communicates the project's concept, process, and impact. Beyond direct guidance, teachers can connect students with competition resources, encourage participation in workshops and guest speaker sessions, and create a supportive classroom environment that fosters collaboration and problem-solving skills. 


It's a chance for teachers to witness their students blossom in a project-based learning environment that merges STEM education with Catholic values.

What should I bring?


Teacher registration card or WWC registration card


Copy of all student media permissions


Morning Tea and Lunch is provided


Masks (encouraged)


Copy of School sign-in form


Student name tags


Disinfectant wipes for students and to keep any digital displays safe

Display Preparation

  • Take time to plan how you will use your space for optimum impact

  • Students should be confident with their pitch and their use of props

  • Take time to rehearse you students with a quick 60 - 90 second pitch

  • Take time to rehearse the answers to possible questions

  • Power access will be limited.

  • Please bring fully charged digital devices, we recommend a backup device also as there won’t be facilities for charging at display spaces

  • We recommend downloading offline copies of multimedia videos, presentations or apps as there may not be reliable wifi available

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