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Scootle Teacher Survey

Dear Teachers,

Education Services Australia (ESA) has requested the support of the Catholic sector to help inform the future of Scootle prior to the completion of the current Scootle funding agreement on 30th September 2023.

ESA is analysing usage data and reference to Scootle in external reports such as Grattan's Lesson Lottery. Additionally, they are seeking input from teachers though a brief (<15 minute) voluntary survey to ascertain the value and benefits of Scootle.

The data captured will be analysed by AERO for the purpose of understanding:

  • the value of Scootle to Australian teachers in the context of other platforms and systems available

  • whether Scootle's value would be further enhanced by providing functional upgrades and easier access to a larger pool of high-quality free online resources

  • teacher's attitudes about the possibility of decommissioning Scootle and any preferences for suitable alternatives

Feel free to contact Scootle if you have any issue or queries in regard to these matters.

Thank you for your assistance.

Catholic Network Australia

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