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Time to Make a Difference


Why participate?

Showcase your problem-solving skills by developing projects that address real-world issues. Winning teams are recognised nationally, and the event itself provides inspiration and learning opportunities through workshops, guest speakers, and even robotics challenges. It's a great way to be acknowledged for your STEM talents and gain valuable experiences!

  • Make friends

  • Experiment with new technologies

  • Compete with other schools across the country

  • Make a positive impact!

What's involved?

Delve into project-based learning, tackling real-world problems that resonate with Catholic values like social justice and environmental stewardship.

Develop innovative solutions which culminate in a 2.5-minute video showcasing your project concept, design process, and final outcome.

Where to start?


Check if your school is part of a participating Diocese


Review the Judging Criteria


Establish a team      (up to 4 students)



Go MAD!!!

Check out previous award winners!

Explore the past winners of STEM MAD National

STEM MAD National 2023

STEM MAD National 2022

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