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About Us

Established in 2009, Catholic Network Australia (CNA) is a not-for-profit organisation that supports Australian Catholic schools through collaboration. CNA was established to procure and manage a private telecommunications network and associated technology services. CNA participants’ connections have since deepened to share expertise and experience within and across jurisdictions. CNA has also fostered sharing approaches to support Australian Catholic educators and their communities to enhance student learning and school administration through the use of technology. 

CNA now supports over 800,000 students, teachers and staff across over 1400 sites in Australia.

CNA represents its participants when purchasing products or services, with a strong focus on flexibility, choice and equitable access for all, irrespective of size or location. 

Our Strategy 

CNA's strategic focus revolves around Education, Stewardship, Communication and Technology.


Through supporting improved digital literacy, creating financial savings and enhancing governance, increasing awareness of and engagement with CNA and providing equitable access to technology, CNA can realise its mission to support the advancement and promotion of the educational purposes of the Catholic Church and its organisations and entities. 


Our Participants

Catholic Network Australia (CNA) is nothing without our participants. Over 25 Australian Dioceses, schools, and Catholic organisations participate in CNA, bringing a range of benefits to their students and staff.

Our Structure

Catholic Network Australia (CNA) leadership consists of a Board of Directors, Office Bearers and Committees. CNA participants collaborate to stay abreast of new technologies that can best support the needs of Catholic education.

CNA aims to establish and nurture collegial relationships across Catholic education jurisdictions, to achieve better outcomes for all Catholic education staff and students.

Our Mission

Our Mission

CNA supports the advancement and promotion of the educational purposes of the Catholic Church and its organisations and entities.

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Our Vision

To facilitate sharing of resources and expertise across catholic schools and dioceses to achieve better student learning outcomes, more efficiencies and value in the education sector.

We're always looking to expand our ability to support Australian Catholic schools. If you're interested in delivering better outcomes for Catholic students and staff, join us.

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