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Recapping CNA's AI & Cybersecurity Forum

On 10 November, Catholic Network Australia (CNA) hosted its AI & Cybersecurity Forum. The free event, buzzing with educators, leaders, and tech enthusiasts from across the country, delved into the cutting-edge world of AI and its implications for Catholic education.

Headlining the Forum were keynote addresses from two heavyweights: the eSafety Commissioner and representatives from the Australian Signals Directorate. They painted a vivid picture of the evolving landscape of AI and cybersecurity, highlighting both the immense potential and the challenges that lie ahead.

Beyond the keynotes, the Forum came alive in the Education and Technology breakout sessions. These interactive spaces, buzzing with passionate participants, became crucibles for deep dives into specific themes. From harnessing AI for personalised learning to safeguarding online communities, the conversations flowed with practical takeaways and thought-provoking questions.

But the Forum wasn't just about knowledge; it was about connection. The networking opportunities fostered a sense of community, allowing educators from diverse backgrounds to share experiences, exchange ideas, and build bridges for future collaboration.

Here are some key takeaways from the Forum:

  • AI holds immense potential for personalised learning, engagement, and accessibility in Catholic education.

  • Cybersecurity is paramount, and educators need to be equipped with the tools and knowledge to keep students and staff safe online.

  • Open dialogue and collaboration are crucial for navigating the ethical and practical considerations of using AI in schools.

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