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Microsoft Executive Briefing Lessons Learned

Last month, a group of CNA participants from across the country participated in a three-day Executive Briefing at Microsoft HQ. If you were unable to make it, here’s a breakdown of the key discussions:

Day 1: Gearing Up for Tomorrow's Workforce

The spotlight was on preparing students for a world driven by technology. The opening presentation emphasised the importance of AI literacy, equipping students with the skills to navigate a rapidly changing job market. Educators were introduced to the benefits of AI in education, including its ability to personalise learning, boost efficiency, and accelerate student progress. However, the briefing also acknowledged the need for robust cybersecurity measures to accompany AI adoption.

The importance of developing job-ready skills took center stage in the second presentation. Microsoft's commitment to this was evident through initiatives like Minecraft Education and Imagine Cup Junior, which encourage students to develop critical skills through engaging experiences. Additionally, Microsoft Learn provides students with free resources and certifications to prepare them for their chosen careers.

Day 2: Fostering a Culture of Inclusion and Data-Driven Insights

Day 2 delved into Microsoft's cultural transformation and its data management solutions. The first presentation explored Microsoft's shift towards a growth mindset and a more inclusive work environment. This aligns with their mission of empowering individuals and organisations to achieve more.


Next, the focus turned to data with the introduction of Microsoft Fabric. This unified analytics solution aims to break down data silos and make insights accessible across businesses. By leveraging AI, Microsoft Fabric empowers users to gain valuable insights from their data, ultimately leading to better decision-making.

The day concluded with a focus on accessibility. Microsoft's dedication to creating accessible technologies for people with disabilities was showcased. Tools like the Immersive Reader and Learning Accelerators were highlighted for their ability to enhance learning experiences for all students.

Day 3: Prioritising Security, Change Management, and AI in Action

The final day addressed crucial aspects of implementing these advancements. The first presentation offered a glimpse into Microsoft's robust cybersecurity infrastructure, specifically their Cyber Defense Operations Center. This center operates 24/7, prioritising a Zero Trust security model to safeguard Microsoft's cloud environment.


The importance of cultural change management for successful digital transformation initiatives was a key takeaway from the second presentation. The briefing offered a helpful framework to guide organisations in fostering a culture that embraces change.

The final presentation showcased the practical application of AI in the classroom. Microsoft Copilot for Educators was introduced, emphasising its commitment to responsible AI development. Additionally, Learning Accelerators were unveiled as a suite of new AI-powered tools within Microsoft 365. These tools, including Reading Progress & Coach and Math Progress & Coach, personalise the learning experience for each student.

Interested in learning more?

Stay tuned. More Microsoft events are coming soon!

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