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More FEE-FREE Uni Ready courses to help students prepare for university

Published by the Department of Education on 15 May 2024

The Australian Government will invest $350 million in additional Commonwealth Grant Scheme funding over four years to deliver FEE-FREE Uni Ready courses to help more students prepare for university.

This will increase funding for courses and increase the number of students able to take part in these courses by 40 per cent by 2030 and double the number of students by 2040.

By 2030 it is estimated that around 30,000 students will be studying in FEE-FREE Uni Ready courses each year.

The Australian Universities Accord makes it clear more people need to go to university in the future to deliver the large and skilled workforce that Australia needs.

The Australian Government has set an overall tertiary education attainment target of 80 per cent of working aged people by 2050.

This is an ambitious goal and investing in FEE-FREE Uni Ready courses will help more students, particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds including low-SES, First Nations, regional and remote students, and students with disability, gain the skills they need to get into university and to succeed – for free.

The Government will also work with providers to increase the quality and consistency of FEE-FREE Uni Ready courses, and to increase the transfer of credentials for students.

To find out more, visit FEE-FREE Uni Ready Courses.




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