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Who’s interested in Virtual Work Experience?

Are your students curious about the exciting possibilities of a career in technology?  The Department of Education's Virtual Work Experience Program is the perfect platform to ignite their passion and equip them with valuable skills!

This free program, designed for students aged 14-25, offers a unique opportunity to explore the vast  landscape of tech careers. Developed in collaboration with the Tech Council of Australia and leading tech employers, it provides an immersive and informative experience right from the classroom.

A World of Possibilities:

Students can delve into various tech roles through interactive modules, getting a taste of what it's like to be a data scientist, a cybersecurity specialist, or even a marine technician!  The program's flexibility allows students to choose the modules that pique their interest, fostering personalised exploration.

Engaging Learning at Their Fingertips:

  • Interactive Activities: Each module features engaging activities that align with the evolving demands of the tech industry, equipping students with practical skills.

  • Meet the Tech Stars: Inspiring video content showcases young tech professionals, providing students with a glimpse into the daily lives and career journeys of those thriving in the field.

  • Plan for the Future: The program delves into potential pathways for various tech roles, empowering students to make informed choices about their future education and career goals.

  • Celebrating Achievements: Students receive a certificate upon completion of each module, a valuable addition to their resumes and social media profiles.


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