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Introducing the CNA Ceremonial Candle Holder Competition!!

An opportunity for students to design and build a symbol of CNA

Catholic Network Australia (CNA) seeks a unique and meaningful candle holder to be used at all official events. This holder should embody the collaborative and inclusive spirit of CNA, fostering a sense of unity and belonging amongst its diverse members. The winning submission will receive a $500 prize

Design Goals:

  • Embody Collaboration and Inclusion: The design should visually represent the collaborative and inclusive nature of CNA, ensuring all participating organisations feel represented and valued.

  • High-Quality Materials: Utilise high-quality, sustainable materials. The holder will require regular shipping nationwide and must withstand the rigors of travel.

  • Functionality: The final product should be sturdy, functional, and accommodate a standard 78mm x 58mm candle.

Ensure the design adheres to principles of accessibility and inclusivity, avoiding any elements that might unintentionally exclude or offend individuals from different cultures or backgrounds.

Design Specifications:

Height: 20 - 34 cm

Width: 10 - 22 cm

Depth: 10 - 22 cm

Materials: Any sustainable, high-quality materials

Logo: Incorporate the provided CNA logo subtly and seamlessly


  • 31 August 2024 (20:00 AEST) Submission Deadline (EXTENDED)

    • Submission must include

    • A detailed design sketch and/or technical drawing

    • Material and production recommendations that are environmentally friendly

    • Estimated production cost

  • 9 September 2024 Finalists Announced for Production

    • Production of Ceremonial Candle Holder

    • Video: 1 minute video that depicts the creation of the holder (e.g. hyper-lapse, slow motion, speaking to the camera)

  • 31 October 2024 (20:00 AEST) Submission Deadline

  • 19 November 2024 Winner Announced


Selection Process:

CNA will review all proposals based on their adherence to the design brief, creativity, and overall quality.

CNA will make a contribution to finalist schools to offset production material costs for the three finalists. Shipping details will be provided to finalists.

We look forward to receiving your creative proposals.

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