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Catholic Network Australia ran four separate virtual cyber events for schools across Australia in September. With over 8,500 students registered from 191 different schools around the country, the initiative was a success, highlighting the commitment of CNA to fostering digital literacy and cyber awareness among students in Catholic Education.

The CNA Cyber Events delivered targeted cyber safety sessions for students from Kindergarten to Year 9. Kim Maslin led the youngest group (K-2), focusing on basic cyber safety, using her incredible storytelling to engage the children. Students in Years 3 to 6 engaged with the Cyber Safety Project, addressing common online pitfalls in two entertaining virtual sessions, while those in Years 7 to 9 participated in a cyber safety escape room challenge, designed by Loumee.

The initiative received an overwhelmingly positive response from teachers. Many highlighted the "Engaging presenters" and the "Quality of presentation," while also appreciating how the sessions "Invited input from the audience" and cleverly "Incorporated gaming" to make the content more appealing.

A teacher noted, "It was very appropriate to our students at the moment... showing things that they are doing are actually wrong. It was short and sharp which kept them engaged. The follow-up activity was great also."

Another emphasised its relevance, saying it was "Extremely entertaining and informative."

The broader impact was evident as one comment pointed out a "Great point of connection for Catholic schools across Australia." Many hoped for such initiatives to become more frequent for students within Catholic Education across Australia.

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